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Our cloud-based applications are specifically crafted for users seeking high-performance document solutions, even if they are not tech-savvy.

SecureDock offers secure applications that cater to various needs, whether you work with high-volume document transactions or maintain long-term client consulting relationships that demand round-the-clock cloud services. Our solutions empower your client relationships to thrive.


Secure File Transfer

Included with standard SecureDock subscription

Effortlessly transmit confidential and sizable files by utilizing our secure file transfer service. Whether you need to share sensitive personal information or files that surpass email attachment limits, our user-friendly design fulfills all your security needs. With P2P AES 256-bit Encryption, generous package sizes, and no logins required for your senders and recipients, you can ensure seamless and protected file exchanges.


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Secure File Storage

Included with SecureDock Pro subscription

Developed on our secure cloud infrastructure, Virtual Safe is designed to cater to the entire lifecycle of your documents. With our encrypted delivery path, you can ensure comprehensive document protection without the necessity of downloading files to your desktop and then uploading them to the cloud. Simplify your workflow while safeguarding your documents at every stage with Virtual Safe..


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Document Requests

Included with SecureDock Pro subscription

Easily generate straightforward or templated document request lists and receive real-time notifications, ensuring you stay informed throughout the entire request lifecycle.


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Included with SecureDock Pro subscription

Streamline collaboration and document management within your team using our user-friendly file sharing tools. Seamlessly upload and manage document packages to your company account, enabling efficient teamwork and collaboration. 


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Why SecureDock?

Critical Document Security

Protect personal information (PII)
AES 256-bit/P2P Encryption technology
Robust reporting & tracking
Real-time virus/malware scanning

User-friendly platform

Designed for un-savvy tech users
Simple user-interface
No account set-up for recipients
No software download

Industry Compliance

PCI DSS Compliant
SSAE/SAS70 Compliant
HIPAA Compliant*

Trusted Security

Bank-level Security
Independent 3rd Party Penetration Testing
See the security tab for details


Pricing Packages

See below for our monthly / annual subscription options
*Prices below are per user / per month


Secure File Transfer Only


  • Unlimited file transfers
  • Real-time reporting & tracking
  • Custom site branding
  • Secure messaging
  • Up to 90-day file retention
  • 1-month free trial
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SecureDock Pro

Full suite of SecureDock features


  • Unlimited file transfers
  • Real-time reporting & tracking
  • Custom site branding
  • Secure messaging
  • Virtual Safe
  • Teams
  • File sharing
  • Document requests
  • Custom file retention
  • 1-month free trial
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Custom company configuration

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  • Fully configurable features
  • Custom reports
  • Custom site branding
  • Configurable file archiving
  • Configurable file storage
  • Admin panel access
  • Single Sign-On
  • Dedicated concierge support
  • And more...
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Annual subscriptions are available by request

Discounts are applied to annual subscriptions

Discount monthly price for small organizations

Only $10 per user / per month for small organizations with 10+ users

Enterprise packages are available

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About Us

Securely Send, Receive & Store Critical Files

Established in 2007, SecureDock emerged as an early innovator in developing proprietary software, aiming to revolutionize the storage and accessibility of crucial documents online. Our primary objective was to ensure the utmost security while offering individuals a superior means of managing and storing their essential files.

Over time, our founders recognized a growing need among clients for not only secure document storage but also a reliable and fortified solution for transmitting files containing Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and managing large file sets. In response, SecureDock has evolved into a comprehensive platform, offering a robust suite of proven risk management tools dedicated to fulfilling both of these crucial requirements.

Our Philosophy

"Security is ineffective if it’s not user-friendly."

Our Vision

Always be Client Advocates

Our Mission

To provide institutions, advisors and their clients secure applications for their documents

Our Strategy

Listen to our clients, predict market trends, be vigilant with emerging technology

Professional Service Process

Listen – Ask – Understand – Act

Our Competitive Advantages

Reduced costs – Improved client retention – Risk Management

Clients Expectations

Simple and Seamless


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