SecureDock is excited about the release of its updated Virtual Safe and is eager to offer this great feature to all new and existing TED Express users under American Pacific Mortgage.

The Virtual Safe, a wonderful compliment to TED Express, is designed to provide loan officers, and their borrowers, with a secure and easy way to store, access share and organize all strategic documents, right from within your existing TED Express account. With 50GB of cloud storage, each user will have ample space to organize all their work files, with more available if needed. See below for a list of basic features and functionality.



Seamless integration with your existing TED Express account

No software downloads or additional account configuration is required. Simply log into your existing TED Express account and begin by clicking on the “My Virtual Safes” link to begin storing your files securely on the cloud. Learn more


50 Gigabytes of secure cloud storage (Per account holder)

SecureDock offers a starting package of 50 Gigabytes of secure document storage on the cloud. You can upload and store files in any format and rest easy knowing your data is kept secured using the highest level of encryption allowed. (Scroll down for pricing information and storage options)


Share documents with clients and colleagues

With the Virtual Safe, you now have the ability to give permissioned / shared access to any documents stored within your account. Our simple new sharing tools make it easy for your clients and colleagues to have access to files they need, anytime, from any device. Learn more


Access your documents from any internet connected computer, anytime, worldwide

SecureDock cloud storage provides you with the flexibility to access your important documents from any internet connected computer or device, anywhere, without compromising on security. Learn more


Watch our helpful overview Video Tutorial to learn how to get started


Visit our Virtual Safe help page at

Post-Trial Pricing Information

$5.00 per user / per month (accounts billed separately – valid credit card required)

*$2.50 additional per month for 50 Gigabytes of added storage

Group / branch subscriptions are also available upon request (Must be a branch manager to apply)