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Michael C.

Love this product! The customer service I get is consistently great too! My clients like using it as well knowing the documents they’re sending are secure.

Ronald B.

I have found SecureDock to be very helpful in getting information out that wouldn’t usually get encrypted with regular email. Just makes things easier to get information to my borrowers securely.

Shannon S.

TED Express is very easy to use; it is very easy for my borrowers to access as well.

Matt S.

SecureDock is quick, simple, and allows not only the sending of documents TO my clients, but it allows them to securely send ME things. It really gives them the confidence to utilize technology when they would normally not trust or understand it.

Jim S.

With SecureDock, we now have all my stuff in one spot and that makes my wife happy. When my bank asked me to update my line of credit recently, we simply sent them everything in one secure email. SecureDock saved us time, money and the hassle of preparing reams of paper.

Linda G. Testimonial

We knew the system was a valuable tool in allowing us to finally get all of our important documents organized, safely stored and accessible, but when a family medical emergency occurred, SecureDock really proved its worth. Our family was on vacation out of state when my wife’s elderly mother fell and was rushed to the[…]