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Michael W.

SecureDock Rocks! –Super easy for our borrowers to securely transmit their financial data to us – don’t use anything else”

Erick R.

I love that we have this secure option.. It is very easy to use and our customers love it!

Ronald B.

SecureDock makes it easy to get documents to people without worrying about encryption. I have come to use this program very often. I would advise people to use this program

Sherri M.

SecureDock has been hugely beneficial to my workload! Customers appreciate the security, the ease of use and I appreciate being able to send many many large and several files at once, thank you SecureDock!

Richard N.

Best system I’ve used collecting borrower documentation. Very simple for the customer and easy to use. Highly recommend!

Jim C.

Excellent tool that assures confidence in the clients that their personal information is SECURE. Clients don’t have to haul all their documents to my office, much more efficient than previous years

Joanne P.

I use SecureDock all the time. I like the security it gives when sending sensitive documents. Easy to use for incoming and outgoing.

Toni L.

I love Secure Dock. it makes sending and getting secure files so easy. thank you

JoAnn H.

I love the ease of use and how quickly I can access to send and receive documents. SecureDock gives me piece of mind with the security of sending and receiving documentation for the protection of our customers.

Kari C.

SecureDock has been a great service for creating files for our borrowers. We were often using other third-party applications that had many more steps to download documents securely. I would highly recommend this service.