James L. Testimonial

For the past two years, SecureDock has been an extremely valuable tool from both a personal and business standpoint and I highly recommend this product. I have saved countless laborious hours not having to gather documentation as a result of utilizing this streamlined and efficient service; particularly with respect to providing financial institutions financial documents in an expeditious manner. Providing current and prior tax returns, financial statements, etc. only takes minutes to securely forward them to the recipient with SecureDock. With the increased risk of identity fraud, SecureDock has eased any concern regarding storing copies of tax returns, credit cards, passports, passwords, and any and all confidential data that is crucial versus my prior use of locked file cabinets. Additionally, based on the principal “Time is Money” I feel the negligible cost to enroll for this essential service is vital for anyone wanting to secure their valuable documents.

James L.Wealth Management Adviser