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Based on popular demand, we are thrilled to announce our new Teams feature, designed to help you create and manage shared inboxes within your organization or designated access groups. With Teams, you can assign specific viewing permissions and customize file statuses for document packages uploaded by your clients, enhancing collaboration and document management.

Team icon image depicting a group of three individuals in a groupTeam Inbound links
Utilize your existing SecureDock Inbound URL as the primary shared inbox link for your team, or create a dedicated team upload link for your department or access group. No shared logins are required, and each team member can access documents from their own accounts as needed, ensuring secure and personalized access.

Viewing permissions
Improve workflow efficiency and data security by assigning “read-only” or “full access” viewing permissions to each team member within your group. This ensures that team members have the appropriate level of access based on their roles and responsibilities.

Custom file status for team members or managers
Enhance the organization of your shared inbound document packages by creating custom file statuses that align with your team’s workflow. Assign items to specific team members within your group, and track their progress by signing off when tasks are completed. This feature allows for seamless collaboration and easy monitoring of document statuses within your team.


With the new Teams feature, collaboration and management of shared inboxes become simpler and more efficient, enabling your team to work together effectively while maintaining control over access and document statuses.

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