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February 6, 2024

APM Service Update Billing Changes


Important Service Update: Changes to Billing Coverage

 (Updated) Effective April 1, 2024


Dear APM Employees,

Effective April 1, 2024, as part of cost-saving measures, APM Corporate will no longer cover the cost of SecureDock for end users. Instead, the responsibility of covering these costs will be shifted to individual end users or APM branch offices. If you wish to continue benefiting from our service and enjoy a 56% discount on SecureDock, please follow the instructions below.

Instructions to keep your SecureDock account

Individual Users: Complete your SecureDock billing profile online:

  1. Sign in to your SecureDock account at
  2. Go to your Settings page located on the left-hand side of your Dashboard page.
  3. Select the Billing tab.
  4. Enter your valid credit card number, expiration date, and billing zip code.
  5. Click the Save button to complete the process.

*Standard monthly billing will commence after April 1, 2024. You can opt out anytime by clicking the “Close Account” button located at the bottom of the “profile” page or by contacting our support team.

Branch Offices: 

If you are a branch manager or part of a branch or DBA with multiple users, and wish to get started with your small group or small office subscription. Please contact us at and provide us with the following information:

  • Name of your branch:
  • Branch number:
  • Branch location:
  • Branch manager contact information (name, email address):
  • List of users that need to be added to the branch billing configuration:

Subscription Options

Option 1: Individual Subscription:

Continue using the service under an “Individual” paid monthly subscription at a heavily discounted corporate rate of $8.75 per month for the SecureDock Standard subscription level. This includes access to standard features. You also have the option to upgrade to the SecureDock Pro subscription level for additional features at a discounted rate of $10.00 per user/month if desired.

Standard Features include:

    • Unlimited Secure File Transfers
    • 90-day file archiving
    • Full compliance reporting and tracking

 Pro Features include:

    • Standard features
    • Virtual Safe (100 GB of secure file storage on cloud)
    • Document Requests (Virtual Safe Add-On)
    • Teams (Inbound file sharing configuration for teams)

Option 2: Group or Small Office Subscription

Continue using the service under a “Group or Small Office” paid monthly subscription. This option allows one primary account holder to handle the billing for multiple account holders via a single billing profile and credit card. The subscription is priced at $8.75 per user/month for the SecureDock Standard subscription level, with the same features included as in the individual subscription. End users can also upgrade to the SecureDock Pro subscription level for additional features at a discounted rate of $10.00 per user/month.

Option 3: Opt Out

Opt out of the service by either clicking the “Close Account” button on the Settings page or by doing nothing and letting your account auto-deactivate after 1 week.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Best regards,

  • The SecureDock Team