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As a proud new partner of Strategic Alliance Mortgage, the SecureDock team is thrilled to offer our secure web application for sending, receiving and storing files securely. Our products and services are designed to provide you and your clients with and easy way to store, access, organize and share all of your essential files, particularly files containing personal identifiable information (PII), all from one secure and easy-to-access location. Whether you work in high transactional document sending/receiving or engage in life-long client consulting relationships requiring 24/7 cloud service, SecureDock has secure applications allowing your client relationships to thrive.


Secure File Transfer
with TED Express™

Securely send and receive files containing private, personal information, or files simply too large for an email attachment. Our user-friendly design meets all your security requirements with P2P AES 256-bit Encryption, large package sizes and no logins required for the recipients.Learn more


Inbound and outbound file transfers
Flexible security controls
Automated compliance reporting and tracking
Interactive dashboard


Secure File Storage
with Virtual Safe™

Built on our secure cloud, the Virtual Safe was created with the entire life of the document in mind. No need to ever download documents to the desktop and then upload them into the cloud. Our encrypted delivery path bypasses that step for full document life protection. Learn more


Permanent storage on the cloud
Custom named document requests
Encryption at rest and transport
Sharing permissions

Critical Documents Security 

All documents transmitted or stored using our application are protected using our advanced AES 256-bit and P2P encryption technology and will remain encrypted at rest, pending distribution, and through distribution. Learn More



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