April 26, 2016

Medical Practices

18597922_sAs a medical practice, you handle the most personal and private information a person can have. Therefore, it is essential that the security of your patients’ personal health information is assured. During a medical event, being able to send medical records at a moment’s notice is not just convenient, but necessary.

Whether you’re exchanging files patient or with an insurance company, or receiving confidential medical records from patients, SecureDock will provide you with easy to use tools that can help keep your patients protected.




With the new exposures you and your patients face, you should be asking yourself the three questions:

Do I have a way to help better prepare my patients for health events?

Do my patients have a way to securely store, organized, access and distribute their essential records online?

Is the confidential information that I transmit back and forth with my patients vulnerable to prying eyes?



To help Medical Practices better support their patients, SecureDock developed these three platforms:



Medical Passport

Prepares your patients for health events



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TED Express

Protects how sensitive medical documents are sent and received

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Client Virtual Safe

Secures the storage of your patient’s sensitive files

CVS Focus Image

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SecureDock Medical Passport

(Client Virtual Safe Add-On Service)

Today in the United States, the leading cause of death for people under the age of 44 is emergency trauma. Experts estimate 98,000 people die yearly from preventable medical errors.

During a health event, accurate and accessible information is the key to help set the right course of treatment for you—the latest medical, insurance and legal data available to you can make all the difference.

The SecureDock Medical Passport helps you receive better care by providing essential parties in a health event your vital medical information, as well as real-time, at the scene, access to current medical conditions, medications and legal documents via the card’s QR code. Learn More

SecureDock Medical Passport - Device View


Medical Practice Benefits

HIPAA Compliant
Patient Retention
Additional Recurring Revenue
Branding and Differentiation

Patient Benefits

24/7 Worldwide Access
Access to SecureDock Online Document Safe
Medical Care Directives and Estate Planning
Peace of Mind in a Health Event




At SecureDock, protection of your information is paramount.

SecureDock protects all essential personal and private information with:

Financial Institution Level Security
Highest level of encryption – at rest and distribution (AES 256)
Top international hosting facility – only certified data specialists on data floor

External Network Security Vulnerability Assessment report on file for review – completed every 24 months

See Secure-Dock.com/security for more details




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