April 26, 2016

Financial Planners

SecureDock for Financial PlannersAs Financial Planners and Advisors work with individuals and businesses to guide them with budgetary, savings and investment strategies, they need to be assured that the stream of electronic communication between them and their clients are protected. As you review clients’, or prospective clients’, tax returns and other personal information, you and your firm need to confirm a confidence that information transferred is safe from outside threats.

SecureDock is dedicated to helping Financial Planners and Advisors reduce the risk of personal information falling into the wrong hands, and assisting them to better serve and retain their customers. Our platforms are all branded directly to the firm enhancing client prospecting and retention.




With the exposures you and your clients face, you should be asking yourself the following two questions:

Is the confidential information that I transmit back and forth with my clients vulnerable to prying eyes?

Do I currently have a way to securely store, organize, access and distribute the essential documents that are sent to me?



To help Financial Planning Firms better support their clients, SecureDock created two platforms:



TED Express

Protects how Financial Planners send and receive sensitive & large file sets

TED Express Focus Image

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Client Virtual Safe

Secures the long-term storage of your sensitive files

CVS Focus Image

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Advisor Benefits

Secure storage of essential documents
Increased client retention
Branding and differentiation
Robust compliance reporting

Client Benefits

Identity-theft Protection
Bank Level security and backup
Simple and user-friendly platform
Critical document protection



At SecureDock, protection of your information is paramount.

SecureDock protects all essential personal and private information with:

Financial Institution Level Security
Highest level of encryption – at rest and distribution (AES 256)
Top international hosting facility – only certified data specialists on data floor

External Network Security Vulnerability Assessment report on file for review – completed every 24 months

See Secure-Dock.com/security for more details




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