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Document Requests

As a current add-on feature to our Virtual Safe, we are excited to introduce Document Requests. With this functionality, you can effortlessly generate custom or templated document request lists directly from your SecureDock account. This feature is available exclusively with the SecureDock Pro subscription, offering you enhanced capabilities for managing document requests efficiently.

SD Request Icon image represented by a hand holding a clipboardTailored Request Lists for Seamless Workflows
Create custom or templated document request lists that align perfectly with your unique workflows or can be shared within your organization. This customization feature saves you valuable time and ensures a streamlined document request process.

Precise Due Dates and Upload Requirements
Set specific due dates for individual requests or even per item within your request, allowing for greater clarity and adherence to deadlines. Additionally, you can specify upload requirements to ensure that the requested documents meet your criteria.

Hassle-Free Requestee Experience
Your requestees can securely upload their documents without the need for creating an account or entering login credentials. The process is simplified, allowing them to click, upload, and send their requested files seamlessly.

Real-Time Notifications for File Delivery and Fulfilment 
Stay informed throughout the lifecycle of the request with our automated tickler system. You’ll receive timely notifications, keeping you updated on the progress of the request. Rest assured that you’ll be instantly notified as soon as the requested files have been uploaded, ensuring efficient communication and workflow management.


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