April 26, 2016

Credit Unions

44315690_sYour members face a high level of potential exposure regarding their personal and business information. It is crucial for Credit Unions to look for new ways to protect member’s personal identification, financial and business information, while also providing them with ways to securely send, receive, and store sensitive information.

SecureDock is dedicated to providing credit unions with ways to reduce their member’s risk, and better serve and retain their membership. Our three platforms are all branded directly to the credit union assisting in member protecting and retention, as well as offering a recurring revenue opportunity.



With the new exposures you and your members face, you should be asking yourself the three questions:

Do your members rely on email attachments to send you their sensitive data like social security numbers, loan applications, bank statements, tax returns and other personal identification information?

Does the Credit Union office have a secure method for sending and receiving sensitive & large file sets?

Do you currently offer your members a way to securely store, organize, access and distribute their essential documents?

To help Credit Unions better support their members, SecureDock created these platforms:



TED Express

Encrypt and transfer secure files back and forth with your members– without the need for software or member login – right from your website or secure link

TED Express Focus Image

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Client Virtual Safe

Members can secure the storage of their sensitive files, with access from any internet connected device, anytime, worldwide

CVS Focus Image

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Credit Union Benefits

Member Retention
Bank Level Security and Backup
Branding and Differentiation
Industry Compliance

Member Benefits

Identity Theft Protection
User-Friendly Platform
Critical Document Protection and Secure File Transfer
24/7 Worldwide Access





At SecureDock, protection of your information is paramount.

SecureDock protects all essential personal and private information with:

Financial Institution Level Security
Highest level of encryption – at rest and distribution (AES 256)
Top international hosting facility – only certified data specialists on data floor

External Network Security Vulnerability Assessment report on file for review – completed every 24 months

See Secure-Dock.com/security for more details




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