Secure File Storage (Virtual Safe™)

Built on our secure cloud, Virtual Safe is an add-on feature designed to provide you and your team members with a secure and simple way to store, access, organize and share documents, particularly files containing personally identifiable information (PII), all from one secure and easy-to-access location.

Image of laptop computer screen showing the SecureDock Virtual Safe page with vaults and documents in 2 column100GB secure cloud storage (starting plan)
Enjoy 100 Gigabytes of secure document storage on the cloud (you may add more at any time). With the Virtual Safe, you can upload and store files in any format and rest easy knowing your data is secured with the highest level of encryption allowed.

Sharing permissions
Our built-in sharing features allow you to give permissioned access to specific storage safes for team colleagues or outside individuals.

Direct Upload to Virtual Safe
Bypass your inbox completely by using Direct Upload URLs to receive files from clients and associates. Items uploaded will land directly in your designated Virtual Safes where documents can be viewed and downloaded by your team members.

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