A secure, cloud-based platform for permanent storage of essential documents

Store, access, and distribute securely

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Permanent, secure storage on a user-friendly platform

The Client Virtual Safe is a web-based platform that provides you and your clients with a user-friendly and secure way to store, access and organize all of your strategic documents (i.e. tax returns, trust / estate documents, insurance policies, medical information and more..) all in one secure, reliable, and easy-to-access location. With the Client Virtual Safe, your documents will remain protected using our advanced AES 256-bit and P2P encryption technology. All documents stored within the Client Virtual Safe will remain encrypted at rest, pending distribution, and through distribution. Learn More


Keeping your clients protected

Do you currently offer your clients a way have to securely store and access their critical documents?

The Client Virtual Safe will make it easy for your clients to stay connected to the documents you provide them, as well as give you the ability to request specific documents from your clients, optimizing your workflow and giving your clients the peace of mind knowing their confidential information is secure.

Start protecting your client’s confidential information today!



Suggested documents for storage:

  • Tax returns
  • Trust / estate documents
  • Insurance policies
  • Personal identification documents
  • Medical care directives
  • Personal financial information
  • Audio / Video Files
  • Anything you want – Customizable

Client Virtual Safe features include:

  • Unlimited document storage
  • Simple preloaded templates
  • Custom site branding for your firm
  • Secure file transfer
  • Secondary user access
  • Concierge support
  • Medical Passport (add-on service)
  • No software installation required



Encrypted File Transfer

Along with secure storage document storage, the Client Virtual Safe also provides you and your clients with an easy way to request and send documents securely right from within your Virtual Safe. This is done using SecureDock’s unique File Transfer Process, which focuses on Secure “link” Transmission and AES 256-bit encryption, and removes the typical exposures that occur when documents are distributed via standard email. Using this method, your clients will now be able to upload documents directly to you upon request, or can login and send documents to third parties protecting themselves from prying eyes, fraud, and theft.

SecureDock Medical Passport

(Client Virtual Safe Add-On Service)

Today in the United States, the leading cause of death for people under the age of 44 is emergency trauma. Experts estimate 98,000 people die yearly from preventable medical errors.

During a health event, accurate and accessible information is the key to help set the right course of treatment for you—the latest medical, insurance and legal data available to you can make all the difference.

The SecureDock Medical Passport helps you receive better care by providing essential parties in a health event your vital medical information, as well as real-time, at the scene, access to current medical conditions, medications and legal documents via the card’s QR code. Learn More

SecureDock Medical Passport - Device View


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