About Us


SecureDock was founded by advisors, for advisors with the goal of reducing the risk that advisors face when working and communicating with clients and associates – what is today called Risk Management.

The SecureDock platform is a secure, internet-based software system that provides advisors and their clients with the ability to securely transmit, store and access strategic documents from any internet connected computer or device, anytime, anywhere. SecureDock solutions protect crucial records while simultaneously improving workflow, increasing client retention, and keeping confidential client information safe from prying eyes, fraud, and theft.

How We Got Started

Founded in 2007, SecureDock was an early pioneer in developing proprietary software aimed at providing individuals with a better way to store and access essential documents online at all times, while also making sure that those documents were being stored in the most secure manner possible.

Additionally, the founders later learned that clients were not only in need of a secure way to store their essential documents, but were also in need of a better and more secure way to transmit large file sets. For this reason, SecureDock now offers a robust suite of proven risk management tools that focus on accomplishing both of these tasks.

Why SecureDock?

Between 2005 to 2014, an estimated 625 million sensitive records have been leaked in data breaches. Some of these records have been used to commit identity theft and fraud against the exposed victims.

Data breaches can occur in various types of institutions in a number of ways. Some breaches are purely accidental, such as employee error, or accidental email/internet exposure of information. More importantly, hackers may attempt to find and exploit specific vulnerabilities within your computer system or network to gain access to valuable information. And for this reason, it is now the responsibility of everyone in the organization to start protecting the sensitive information sent between clients and associates, especially when dealing with documentation containing confidential client information.

Using state-of-the-art encryption methods, SecureDock Solutions help minimize these risks while making it easy for you and your clients to stay protected against ever-evolving cyber threats.


Our Philosophy

“It is better to be safe than sorry.”

Our Vision

Always be Client Advocates

Our Mission

To provide institutions, advisors and their clients with a safe harbor for secure documents, and secure file transfer

Our Strategy

Listen to our clients, and the market, and watch emerging technology to deliver effective and secure platforms that the market requires

Professional Service Process

Listen – Ask – Understand – Act

Our Competitive Advantages

Reduced Costs – Imporved Client Retention –  Risk Management

Clients Expectations

Simple and seamless


Leadership Team

Donna Wertz, Chief Executive Officer

Sean McRoberts, Chief Technology Officer

Eric Couch, Chief Architect

Madison Bristol, Director of Sales

Alex Teubert, Professional Services Manager

Richard Martin, Corporate Development

Alan Boal, Corporate Development


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