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Secure File Transfer 

Introducing Secure File Transfer (formerly known as TED Express), our most popular feature, designed to provide you and your clients with a secure and user-friendly method for transmitting sensitive or large file sets from any internet-connected device. With TED Express, there’s no need for software installation, logins, or account passwords when people send you documents. SecureDock eliminates the typical risks associated with standard email, safeguarding your client’s sensitive information.

Image of mobile device showing SecureDock dashboard with inbound and file package indicators

Encryption at rest and transport
SecureDock employs a uniqueFile Transfer Process that prioritizes secure “link” transmission, utilizingAES 256-bit andP2P encryption. All file packages remain encrypted while at rest, during distribution, and throughout the transmission process.

Real-time reporting and tracking
Our comprehensive compliance reporting feature enables you to meticulously track all sent and received document packages. You can stay informed about the real-time status of transmitted items and access extensive audit logging tools to monitor the journey of your documents and identify pending actions.

Optional Two-Factor Verification
Enhance the security of your outbound file packages by creating a custom access code or passphrase, which can be conveniently sent to your recipient’s mobile device via text message.

Two-way email notifications
Receive notifications whenever files are uploaded, delivered, or downloaded, ensuring you stay informed throughout the process.

Flexible security controls
Retain complete control over your sent or received items by adjusting the level of security for each document package you send, tailoring it to your specific requirements.

Built-In Malware Scanning
Our uniqueAnti-Virus Scan Utility automatically scans documents upon upload, providing peace of mind that your files are protected against known computer viruses, malware, and other malicious content.

Experience the power of Secure File Transfer and enjoy a secure and streamlined file exchange process. Start maximizing the security and efficiency of your file transfers today.

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