April 30, 2016

About Us

About Us | Founder's quote

Safe, Simple, Secure – SecureDock

Confidential information that advisors transmit to and from their clients is vulnerable to prying eyes.

In 2007, SecureDock was founded for advisors to reduce their risk and the risk of their clients – what is today called Risk Management. The risk of prying eyes continues to grow – especially with the sensitive nature of information sent between advisors and clients.

To reduce the risk of prying eyes, SecureDock created two platforms – one for the advisor that secures the transfer of confidential files and one for the client that secures the permanent storage of their sensitive files. We offer proven risk management solutions for advisors, associations, attorneys, banks, credit unions, and physicians – all custom designed to protect their clients, customers, and patients.


What is SecureDock?

SecureDock is the next step in offering your clients a valued service that separates you from the crowd, offers your firm a strong revenue stream, client retention and company branding.

The SecureDock platform was created as an internet-based software system that allows you to safely organize, store and access strategic documents, anytime, anywhere, worldwide. SecureDock protects crucial records while providing easy and safe access, as well as secure document distribution ability to third parties.

How we got started

SecureDock was founded in 2007 as a way for individuals to organize their lives, and have a safe and easy way to access needed documents anytime, anywhere. Essential documents that should available at all times and stored in the most secure manner.

Additionally, the founders learned their clients needed protection from prying eyes viewing their personal information, from where it is stored to when it is sent. Identity theft can happen at any time, and fingers can easily point back to how documents are stored and transferred.

Created by advisors for advisors, SecureDock has developed a suite of applications that protect the individual, the advisor and prepares all of us for health events.

With changing markets and requirements, SecureDock continues to be refined and improved for advisors, associations, attorneys, banks, credit unions, and physicians, and in turn for their clients, members and patients.

Our Philosophy

“It is better to be safe than sorry.”

Our Vision

Always be Client Advocates

Our Mission

We provide institutions, advisors and their clients a safe harbor for secure documents, email and collaboration

Our Strategy

Secure File Transfer and Document Storage Assured

Professional Service Process

Listen – Ask – Understand – Act

Advisors Expect Competitive Advantages

Firm Branding – Reduced Costs – Client Retention – Recurring Cash Flow

Clients Expect Simple and Seamless

Secure Document Storage and Safe File Transfer


Leadership Team

Donna Wertz, Chief Executive Officer

Sean McRoberts, Chief Technology Officer

Eric Couch, Chief Architect

Madison Bristol, Director of Sales

Alex Teubert, Professional Services Manager

Richard Martin, Corporate Development

Alan Boal, Corporate Development