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For Your Business

Secure, Encrypt & Transfer Sensitive Files


Transfer encrypted documents

  • Protect both sender and recipient
  • Reduce identity theft exposure
  • Maintain compliance / full reporting
  • Encrypted send & receive
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TED Pricing

  • $19.95 per user / month for up to 5 users
  • $10 per user / month for each additional user
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For Your Clients & Stakeholders

Encrypted Permanent Virtual Storage



  • Secure, permanent online storage
  • Encrypted at rest & transport
  • Reduce identity theft exposure
  • Worldwide access 24 / 7 / 365
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CVS Pricing

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Why SecureDock?

Protect Your Company

Bank Level Security
Critical Document Protection

Reduce Your Client's Exposure

Identity Theft Protection
256 Bit Encryption Technology
Accurate Record Keeping

Industry Compliance

Robust Reporting
Detailed Document Status /

Audited Security

3rd Party Testing
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For the past two years, SecureDock has been an extremely valuable tool from both a personal and business standpoint and I highly recommend this product. I have saved countless laborious hours not having to gather documentation as a result of utilizing this streamlined and efficient service; particularly with respect to providing financial institutions financial documents in an expeditious manner. Providing current and prior tax returns, financial statements, etc. only takes minutes to securely forward them to the recipient with SecureDock. With the increased risk of identity fraud, SecureDock has eased any concern regarding storing copies of tax returns, credit cards, passports, passwords, and any and all confidential data that is crucial versus my prior use of locked file cabinets. Additionally, based on the principal “Time is Money” I feel the negligible cost to enroll for this essential service is vital for anyone wanting to secure their valuable documents.

James W. Lauro
Wealth Management Adviser – Northwestern N

SecureDock is amazing and every business and individual needs one!!

Tracy Weintraub
Tarbell Realtors

We knew the system was a valuable tool in allowing us to finally get all of our important documents organized, safely stored and accessible, but when a family medical emergency occurred, SecureDock really proved its worth. Our family was on vacation out of state when my wife's elderly mother fell and was rushed to the hospital. While other family members were there for her mother, my wife is the one that maintains her medical information, including all of her prescriptions, medical power of attorney and health care directive. When we got the call that the hospital needed this information, we were able to log on to our SecureDock account and email the required documents to another family member who got them to the hospital immediately. Needless to say, it gave us great peace of mind to know that we had access to our files even though we were out of town

Linda Guthrie
LWG Accounting Services

With SecureDock, we now have all my stuff in one spot and that makes my wife happy. When my bank asked me to update my line of credit recently, we simply sent them everything in one secure email. SecureDock saved us time, money and the hassle of preparing reams of paper.

Jim Schmitt

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